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Angular2 *ngIf takes time for buttons to disappear

This is just a note
When using Angular's *ngIf verb the element that it is supposed to hide can be still visible for several milliseconds
(enough for the user to see it going away)

Example of problematic code:

<div *ngIf="(!list?.is_public || isAdmin()) && !isInSuper">

SecurityError: DOM Exception 18 - Android Web View

If you are getting DOM Exception 18 when trying to create a WebSQL Database or when using IndexedDBShim
make sure that you define ExceededDatabaseQuota

Make sure you override onExceededDatabaseQuota

public void onExceededDatabaseQuota(String url,
String databaseIdentifier,
long quota,
long estimatedDatabaseSize,

Flex/flash crashes when loading external flash using SWFLoader- VerifyError: Error #1053:

Getting a flash crash when loading external flash file using the SWFLoader
Started getting the error after upgrading the workspace to use Flex4 (Apache SDK 4.13)
And the component set is set to "MX+Spark"

If i remove the MX+Spark and set MX only , the problem will be gone

I noticed also that if i load old flash files using the SWFLoader, i have no problem

Flex Popup doesn't appear until you click outside of browser

Using the latest chrome build (Version 32.0.1700.107)
Flex Dialogs and Flex Popups (or Alerts) might not show until the user clicked outside the screen
or switches to a different Tab

To solve this issue, even as a workaround we can use this simple technique:
1. Open the popup
2. Wait X milliseconds
3. Move the popup a bit to the right and then return to the same place

Could not generate timestamp: - error code

the error
Could not generate timestamp: , when running adobe ADT to create ANE files is created when the computer running the ADT command line is not connected to the internet

Upgrade Hibernate to hibernate-core-3.6.5.Final

Just some problems when i had to upgrade from Hibernate 3.3 to 3.6.5

1. Getting the following exception
Hibernate java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javax.persistence.Cacheable

--> copy hibernate-jpa-2.0-api-1.0.0.Final.jar from

Import the new jar file in eclipse

2. Getting the following exception

FLEX Locale bug - @Resource Bug

Well, Not sure that this is really a flex bug but to me it was very wired behavior

I was using .properties to keep my strings in resource bundles. I had only 1 set of files for English and life was good.

i used to access the resources in side the bundle like this

Flex Panel with HTML title - or Flex panel with colors

In the Panel class in flex you have a "title" property to set the title of the panel.
It get a text value and shows it as the title.
I needed something more

I needed a title with colors to catch the eye.
Text controls in flex have a property called "htmlText" that can get html value, but the title property of the panel does not get html

Cannot resolve reference to bean 'sessionFactory' problem

not long ago i changed my a applicationContext.xml file and added some dependency to a bean

suddenly i get this error on start up

Is it possible to show "No data found" on datagrid/advance datagird in Flex

In order to show "No Data" message above the DataGrid when there is no data in it we can use the following technique:

1. create a canvas and place the data grid on it
2. place also a HBox/VBox on that canvas and in it place a label with the message you want (I.E "no data")
3. Control visibility of the HBox by using binding with the DataGrid length

See code

How to iterate over the datagrid columns

How to iterate over the data grid columns

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

How to draw Alternative Row Background in TileList

How to draw Alternative Row Background in TileList?
TileList inherits from TileBase. TileBase has a function called "drawTileBackground".

How do we select the color for the background color of the tile? We can create a class that extends TileList and override this function in order to change this color.

Preventing From SWF files from showing images or objects out of the FLEX SWFLoader stage

So the story is like this. I was using a FLEX SWFLoader to load some external SWF files, these SWF files have some objects in them and when played the objects(in this case images) appear out of the border of the SWFLoader. It seams that the images expand out of the border and hide other GUI elements that are near the SWFLoader.

FLEX Binding and function calls

This short example is meant to demonstrate the usage of data binging in FLEX to invoke method calls. Copy the code to an editor to be able to use the line numbers that will be specified later

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

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