Hibernate Object Mapping

Upgrade Hibernate to hibernate-core-3.6.5.Final

Just some problems when i had to upgrade from Hibernate 3.3 to 3.6.5

1. Getting the following exception
Hibernate java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javax.persistence.Cacheable

--> copy hibernate-jpa-2.0-api-1.0.0.Final.jar from

Import the new jar file in eclipse

2. Getting the following exception

Cannot resolve reference to bean 'sessionFactory' problem

not long ago i changed my a applicationContext.xml file and added some dependency to a bean

suddenly i get this error on start up

Configure MYSQL to use UTF8 with Spring/Hibernate

I started using MySQL in a project that i started working on,
The project uses Hibernate and Spring
and the problem was that strings end up as question marks in the database

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