Is it possible to show "No data found" on datagrid/advance datagird in Flex

In order to show "No Data" message above the DataGrid when there is no data in it we can use the following technique:

1. create a canvas and place the data grid on it
2. place also a HBox/VBox on that canvas and in it place a label with the message you want (I.E "no data")
3. Control visibility of the HBox by using binding with the DataGrid length

See code

How to iterate over the datagrid columns

How to iterate over the data grid columns

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

How to add an image to Column Header in Flex DataGrid

After some looking around , i found out that i didn't see an easy example on how to add images to Column Headers in Flex Data Grid

Well ,this is not too complected to do in Flex3

Change the background color of a FLEX DataGrid row,How to change datagrid's row background color

Some times you want to change the background color of a row inside a FLEX DataGrid. You usually want to do so in order to mark that row as an error or to make it out stand from the other rows.

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