Change the background color of a FLEX DataGrid row,How to change datagrid's row background color

Some times you want to change the background color of a row inside a FLEX DataGrid. You usually want to do so in order to mark that row as an error or to make it out stand from the other rows.

Pdo in command line php?

I had the following problem when trying to connect to oracle database from PHP when running in command line

"DB Connection failed: could not find driver"

Doc File Viewer For Compound Files

The DocFile viewer that Microsoft gives with Visual Studio 6 and 7 is very basic and has very few capabilities. So i have decided to try and write a small DocFile viewer myself.

Cut , Copy , Paste stops working in Eclipse

This may have happen to you too, you work with Eclipse and suddenly it stops coping and pasting and it is very annoying

To temporarily solve the problem you can disable "Folding" in the Java Editor
Go to: Window-->Preferences-->Java-->Editor-->Folding and un-check the folding option

This should do the trick

How to draw a line over a flex graph

In order to draw a line over a flex graph you can use a CartesianDataCanvas element.

How to find the temporary directory in C#

In order to find the temporary folder in C# you have to use this code:


How to set a DataProvider to Tree in FLEX

A simple way to build a data provider for a flex tree is to use XMLList

This simple application will use XMLList to populate the data provider of the FLEX Tree.

How to duplicate a screen to a second screen in C#

I had the need to have a small program that displays all that i can see on my main screen in the secondary screen that is attached to my computer

How to sort items in a list in C#

Sorting lists in C# with support of the interface IComparable

for example we have objects from the class TestItem in a list

public class TestItem
private int sortByMe;

How to prevent navigation to a different page in PHP

In order to prevent navigation to a different page you have to do the following:

Call the header function with "HTTP/1.0 204 No Data" as the parameter. See example:


Call a function in FLEX from JavaScript

Sometimes you need to call a function that is defined in your Flex application from the JavaScript code that wraps it.

How to create a timer in FLEX

In order to add a timer to Flex use the following code:

import flash.utils.Timer;

private function createTimer():void {

How to Increase maximum post size in PHP

In PHP the default POST maximum size is 2MB,
If you need to be able to upload larger files to the server you have to change the following configurations in your php.ini

How to create a cookie in PHP

How to create a cookie in PHP
setcookie("<cookie_name>", "<cookie_value>",<time is will expire>);

setcookie("username", "$username", time()+36000000);

How to capture screen images and send it to a secondary screen

How to capture screen images and send it to a secondary screen

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