Flex Panel with HTML title - or Flex panel with colors

In the Panel class in flex you have a "title" property to set the title of the panel.
It get a text value and shows it as the title.
I needed something more

I needed a title with colors to catch the eye.
Text controls in flex have a property called "htmlText" that can get html value, but the title property of the panel does not get html

to overcome the problem i created small component that inherited from Panel

import mx.containers.Panel;

public class ColorPanel extends Panel
private var _htmlTitle:String;
public function ColorPanel(){
public function set htmlTitle(value:String):void{
_htmlTitle = value;
public function get htmlTitle():String{
return _htmlTitle;
override protected function commitProperties():void{
titleTextField.htmlText = _htmlTitle;

and walla, you can now set the "htmlTitle" property and give html titles