Flex/flash crashes when loading external flash using SWFLoader- VerifyError: Error #1053:

Getting a flash crash when loading external flash file using the SWFLoader
Started getting the error after upgrading the workspace to use Flex4 (Apache SDK 4.13)
And the component set is set to "MX+Spark"

If i remove the MX+Spark and set MX only , the problem will be gone

I noticed also that if i load old flash files using the SWFLoader, i have no problem

Flex Popup doesn't appear until you click outside of browser

Using the latest chrome build (Version 32.0.1700.107)
Flex Dialogs and Flex Popups (or Alerts) might not show until the user clicked outside the screen
or switches to a different Tab

To solve this issue, even as a workaround we can use this simple technique:
1. Open the popup
2. Wait X milliseconds
3. Move the popup a bit to the right and then return to the same place

FLEX Locale bug - @Resource Bug

Well, Not sure that this is really a flex bug but to me it was very wired behavior

I was using .properties to keep my strings in resource bundles. I had only 1 set of files for English and life was good.

i used to access the resources in side the bundle like this

Is it possible to show "No data found" on datagrid/advance datagird in Flex

In order to show "No Data" message above the DataGrid when there is no data in it we can use the following technique:

1. create a canvas and place the data grid on it
2. place also a HBox/VBox on that canvas and in it place a label with the message you want (I.E "no data")
3. Control visibility of the HBox by using binding with the DataGrid length

See code

How to iterate over the datagrid columns

How to iterate over the data grid columns

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

FLEX Binding and function calls

This short example is meant to demonstrate the usage of data binging in FLEX to invoke method calls. Copy the code to an editor to be able to use the line numbers that will be specified later

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

How to add an image to Column Header in Flex DataGrid

After some looking around , i found out that i didn't see an easy example on how to add images to Column Headers in Flex Data Grid

Well ,this is not too complected to do in Flex3

Time Selection Example In Flex ( Time Picker )

There is no time selection control available in flex, in this example we use a simple FLEX TextInput to create a Time Selection Control.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

Change the background color of a FLEX DataGrid row,How to change datagrid's row background color

Some times you want to change the background color of a row inside a FLEX DataGrid. You usually want to do so in order to mark that row as an error or to make it out stand from the other rows.

How to set a DataProvider to Tree in FLEX

A simple way to build a data provider for a flex tree is to use XMLList

This simple application will use XMLList to populate the data provider of the FLEX Tree.

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