Flex Popup doesn't appear until you click outside of browser

Using the latest chrome build (Version 32.0.1700.107)
Flex Dialogs and Flex Popups (or Alerts) might not show until the user clicked outside the screen
or switches to a different Tab

To solve this issue, even as a workaround we can use this simple technique:
1. Open the popup
2. Wait X milliseconds
3. Move the popup a bit to the right and then return to the same place

So in order to not do it in every location that we use popup window we can do the following:

1. Create our own PopUpManager class (extend)
2. do the "moving " after each dialog/popup opening

public class PopUpManagerEx extends PopUpManager
public static function moveIt(popUp:IFlexDisplayObject):void{
public static function createPopUp(parent:DisplayObject, className:Class, modal:Boolean = false, childList:String = null ):IFlexDisplayObject
var createPopUp:IFlexDisplayObject = PopUpManager.createPopUp(parent, className, modal, childList);
return createPopUp;

the "moveIt" function will be called after the popup is ready and the "movement" will do the trick for the chrome browser