FLEX Locale bug - @Resource Bug

Well, Not sure that this is really a flex bug but to me it was very wired behavior

I was using .properties to keep my strings in resource bundles. I had only 1 set of files for English and life was good.

i used to access the resources in side the bundle like this

Meaning that my file views.properties had a key

Then i decided to support more languages. I created multiple "views.properties" files, 1 for each language and placed them in the proper directories (en_US for english, he_IL for hebrew etc ) all under a folder called "locale"

i also added the new languages to the project settings under the compiler arguments. I added -locale en_US he_IL

all was still well...

i started using resourceManager. to get strings from the bundles

resourceManager is better than using "@Resource" since in case the "localeChain" on the resourceManager changes then all the resources in the resourceManager are reloaded (and the GUI changes as expected)

i started replacing all the locations that used "@Resource" syntax with {resourceManager.getString .. syntax

and still all was working fine

and suddenly it stopped working altogether. All the strings are empty.

i bang my head against the wall for a hour and started to undo my changes

So what was wrong?
Apparently, when i replaced the last "@Resource" usage to resourceManager.getString usage flex stopped enbedding the locale file inside the SWF file and all the strings ended up empty.

I think it is some kind of optimization of Flex compiler but the behavior is strange to me

what i did was to leave at least one place that uses the "@Resource" syntax and
life was good again